Marmaris Short Trail, which has a length of 16,7 km and an elevation of 390 m, consists of 65% path, 5% single track, and 30% asphalt road..

The race will start at 08:00 on Saturday, November 16. Start and finish points are in Atatürk Statue.

The race has a climb from sea level to 650m elevation therefore the altitude will not affect the runners’ performances.

HEALTH CERTIFICATE: For all tracks of Marmaris Ultra Trail race, a health certificate (valid until November 16, 2024) must be obtained.


EQUIPMENT TEST AND PREPERATION: Selecting the appropriate equipment is a very important factor in the success of your race. Ultra durability requires extensive preparation to the race, including the choice of equipment you will take. During the race period probability of rainfall is high in the Marmaris region, therefore the temperature might fall to 05-07 °C. Your equipment must be suitable to withstand any condition and allow you to spend long hours on the racing course. In case of any incident, your equipment must ensure that you wait for help under safe conditions. All runners must have the equipment required by the organization to avoid the risk of penalties. It is very important to prepare your equipment according to the actual conditions and test it in your trainings before the race. Please do not be minimalist while considering weight as a concern. You can increase your chance of success and your performance through logical selection.

EQUIPMENT: To ensure that safety and races are carried out well, each participant must have all of the following mandatory equipment. Weather conditions and long hours of races are the main factors that make equipment mandatory. Depending on the weather conditions, the organization may make changes on the mandatory equipment and notify the competitors. Each participant agrees to present the mandatory equipment determined by the organizers at the registration desk and to keep all with them during the event.

1. Visibly placed front race number during the whole race,
2. Timing chip (given by the organization),
3. Mobile phone (smartphone strongly recommended / the runner must be reachable at any time before, during and after the race / load into its memory the organization’s security numbers / an external battery is highly recommended),

*  Mentioned equipment above must be shown at the registration desk.

1. Supply of water of 500 ml minimum (Plastic bottles will not be accepted.),
2. Sunglasses, Sun cream,
3. Suitable trail-running shoes.
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