Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run is locally hosted and organized by Mint Organization LTD. ŞTİ., herein referred as “Promoter”, based in Türkkuyusu Mah. Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cad. Yüksel Çağlar İş Merkezi No:78/22 Bodrum Muğla, with supports of its cooperation partners and service providers.

Participants accept and declare Participation Conditions by registering to Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run.

In this regard:

1.1- The event is open to anyone aged 18 and over who are in possession of either a valid medical certificate, which does not expire before November 16, 2024  and indicates that the person can participate to long distance runs, or a valid license issued by a sports federation. These documents will be checked by the organization before the race. The participants should have the athletic preparation and have suitable clothes for variable weather conditions and temperature differences.
1.2- Promoter will not be responsible in case participants are not permitted to participate Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run by national or local laws.
1.3- Only one admission/registration per person is allowed.
1.4- Promoter reserves its right to verify all identity information of the participant. Registration containing fallacious data are considered inconvenient.
1.5- Promoter reserves its right to limit the total number of participants.  In such a case, participants will be informed on
1.6- In case of special category races; Promoter reserves its right to determine minimum or maximum number of participants on the condition to announce on on time.
1.7- Marmaris Ultra Trail will be run only with Promoter’s recognition. Promoter’s decisions concerning all subjects related with the event are conclusive and no related correspondence will be exchanged.

2.1 is to be referred to register Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run and get all information concerning  the event. Contact information on your registrations will be used to notify you about essential updates.
2.2 Below mentioned data will be published on lists and results on (Name, Surname, Nationality, Age Group, Club/Company links (if given precisely)). Time and place for publications of start-up lists and results of events will be announced  on
2.3 Participation right for Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run is personal; race numbers and participation rights are unassignable.
2.4 Participant can withdraw from the event in any time before Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run. In case of withdrawal from the event, registration fee will not be refunded and you will not be able to assign your access right to another, even if you have compelling reasons.

3.1 Participation to Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run can be done with credit or debit card options on All taxes and charges are included in payment contents. Registration will be completed after payment is done.  Payments by credit or debit cards are binding, irrecusable, unexchangeable, unassignable, nonrefundable and dependent on local written laws. Participation fee will not be refunded for any reason in case of not participating the event due to cancellation of the event, change of date/city/ race track/race kilometers and/or location by Promoter with any reason or without reason. The contract relation based on this Participation Conditions between Promoter and Participant is directly established by the completion of registration after the payment is successfully done.  Hereby Participation Conditions constitute the Contract Conditions.
3.2 Promoter reserves its right to locally regulate and change the registration fee during registration period.
3.3 The travel and other expenses for participation done by the Participant participating Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run will not be covered for any reason. Promoter will not have any responsibilities regarding transportation or accommodation expenses, cancellation and change costs related with changes or cancellations by Promoter and will not be subject to complaint or litigious question.
3.4 The only return of the participation fee to participant is race number, chip and the right to participate Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run.
3.5 The one and only conclusive decision right on rewarding or not rewarding the winner of the race belongs to Promoter. In case Promoter wants to reward; Promoter reserves its right to change, cancel prizes and/or change one prize or all with other prizes of same value. No cash alternatives will be provided as prize and prizes are unassignable, non-refundable. Promoter’s decision concerning all prizes related to Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run is conclusive.
3.6 If winning participant do not get their prize in period stated by Promoter on notification time (first 15 days after the race is ended), they will renounce the prize and Promoter reserves its right to determine another winner.

4.1 Promoter reserves its right to change Participation Conditions and these changes will be published on
4.2 If the Promoter evaluates that it will be dangerous or inconvenient to realize Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run, the Promoter reserves its right to cancel/change/terminate the preformed contract “ex parte”, changing event detail such as date, starting time, tracks and distance and/or changing opportunities offered related to the event without any responsibility and liability by taking into consideration governing laws and regulations.  Promoter can cancel the race or change date, routing due to terror, civil commotion, national mourning or serious terror risks.
4.3 During Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run, Promoter by its own judgement, reserves the right to disqualify or dismiss the participant for not conforming to these Participation Conditions or for other valid cases; their behaviors being disruptive before/during event or in event related activities, being such as to give damage or give damage to a person/property or to the organization’s esteem, accusing or offending the Promoter or the event or again making terror related sharing on social media, giving fallacious information on participation forms, acting unsportingly, racing with an unofficial number or race label, racing with a number assigned to another person or a number/race label of another event, giving the official number or race to another person, attempting to get this number or race label from another person, having another unregistered person do the rabbit during the race, including health and security reasons but not to be limited with these and for all other unlawful or improper actions. In case of disqualification of a winning participant, their right for the prize will be foreclosed and/or the prize will be donated or given to an alternative winner.  The disqualified participant will not be refunded for any reason.  Names of participants disqualified from an activity will be deleted from official results.

5.1 Promoter or third parties authorized by the Promoter will have the right to capture and use voice and video recordings and photos from the event; use your name, image, voice, performance, biography materials for any reason (commercial, marketing, promotion, news or another) and for keeps according the local statutory law.
5.2 Promoter will have the right to publish, show, duplicate and/or present to public all visual and audio materials on/by radio, television, theaters, events, data carriers or in any other environment and universally. Promoter will have the right to modify, give pauses, do cuttings or other variations on audio and visual materials and use these modified audio and visual materials without any restriction. Promoter is permitted to assign its own authorizations to a third party. You accept that your name may not to be mentioned in the event and you don’t expect any profit for being published/broadcasted in any environment. By accepting these Participation Conditions, you give the Promoter the right to use these visual and audio materials with conditions detailed above. The only return of this extensive assignment of rights to participant will be getting the chance to participate and win Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run.
5.3 Participant accepts that Promoter (including its related companies and associates) has right to use registration data for promotional, commercial and/or marketing objectives related with Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run, limitedly by local statutory law.

6.1 Below mentioned “Personal Data” defines all data kept related to person’s name.  Hereby, participant approves trueness and currency of Personal Data entered related to Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run.
6.2 Promoter, working globally, can interchange personal data to other countries than country of domicile in accordance with relative data protection regulations. Personal Data will be used only for reasons related to Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run during requisite period. This period includes a certain period after the completion of Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run to deliver rewards, fulfill tax related or other legal issues.
6.3 Winner Participant will be required to take place in fair promotion activities related with Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run.
6.4 Promoter and its contractors can contact you about Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run by e-mail, phone or other ways. In such a case, Promoter will guarantee the deletion of this data within the shortest time.
6.5 Retarded participations will not be accepted after race start is given.  In case of loss of chip and/or race chest number participation may become impossible. In such a case, Promoter won’t be responsible of unrealized participations, participation fee will not be refunded.
6.6 In case of disqualification Promoter has no obligation to publish this situation.
6.7 Participant determines their physical condition related to Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run of their own bat and Promoter can not be taken as responsible for any kind of medical/health problem of participant.
6.8 All selections concerning race categories are of participant’s responsibility and do not bind Promoter. Promoter is not responsible in case a participant injures themselves performing activities related to Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run. Promoter can direct Participant to a healthcare organization if it deems necessary.  Care expenses to come up in health organization are not Promoter’s responsibility and are to be covered by Participant.
6.9 During registration period, Promoter reserves its right to add new racetracks, make changes on existing racetracks and declare new information about racetracks. All information provided by Promoter concerning racetracks specifically serves information purpose and has no binding effect on Promoter.
6.10 It’s obligated to act on Promoter’s and race staff’s instructions. In case of incompliancy disturbing event’s fair course or putting security of participants in danger, Promoter is authorized to ban from event or disqualify the relevant person. Health staff has the right to make decision about participants. Any reason about the participant will not be accepted as Promoter’s responsibility, “on no consideration”.  Participant confirms that in cases like injuries etc. Promoter, race staff or contractors will not take any responsibility for any reason.  In case of any damage caused by the participant, Promoter’s rights will be reserved.
6.11 Promoter can; make km. differences concerning the race, change race distances and so the type and/or related federation the race is represented. For the sake of participant and all, it’s obligated to act on Promoter’s race and security rules. Promoter or race staff can reject a participant’s participation in any time. Promoter will not be taken responsible for not performing or late performing its liabilities within context of Participation Conditions for any outer reason than itself. On it’s own discretion, Promoter can provide parking, storage, changing and/or cleaning facilities on event zone. However, the usage of these facilities is specifically under participant’s responsibility and Promoter will not be responsible for losses or damages caused by usage of these facilities.
6.12 All procedures concerning Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run will only come under private jurisdiction in the courts of the city where the event takes place.
6.13 Supplementary payments such as additional license fees and/or athlete insurance fee that may be required by government agencies are not included in the registration fee paid or to be paid. Fees to be required by federation and/or other government agencies are paid additionally, are not Promoter’s responsibility and are to be covered by participant.
6.14 I hereby accept and undertake; in case Promoter considers that conditions are insecure on the race day, It can decide a postponement or a cancellation as the sole discretion owner. Participant accepts that in case of cancellation of the event due to natural disasters (included wind, heavy rain, rain, hail, storm, earthquake but not limited to these), terror facts, state of emergency, fire, work stoppage thread or work stoppage, workforce shortage, rebellion, war, public uprising, flood, inevitable life losses, race route conditions or any other reasons beyond Promoter’s control or by the request of local authorities, Promoter will not refund Registration Fee and other expenses.

“I read Marmaris Ultra Trail or Run Registration and Participation Conditions,  a whole with its 6 main articles and substrates of my volition. I hereby declare my participation to race by accepting all partaking details and that the type sizes, text language is clear and comprehensible, and by committing that I will not make any article a litigious question.”

These Terms and Conditions of Participation were originally drafted in Turkish, which is considered as the official language. They are subject to Turkish law. Any issues relating to the Event which cannot be resolved by amicable agreement between the Organizer and the participant fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent civil courts.

© Marmaris Ultra